Outdoor Format

We play conventional 11-a-side soccer on full size fields. There are only a few minor rule variations:

Outdoor goalmouth
  • Non-contact - This is a non-contact league. While incidental contact will always happen, try to minimize this.
  • Sliding - No sliding for the ball or to make a tackle.
  • Goal scorers - Swap out the goalie when you score a goal.
  • Substitutions - Make substitutions on-the-fly, there is no need to wait for a stoppage. When you want to go off, just attract the attention of the person coming on and make the substition.
  • Referees - There are no referees so call your own handballs, fouls and out-of-bounds. Remember that this is a non-competitive league, so if you disagree with another player's call: keep it to yourself and get on with the game.
  • Offsides - The defensive team calls any offsides, but should be do so leniently. Don't argue with the defensive player's call.