Indoor Format

All indoor games are played at the Canada Games Center Fieldhouse. Teams are six-a-side, including the goalie.

Several rule variations have been developed to accommodate the peculiarities of the field and the league philosophy.

Goal Nets

Indoor goals

We use custom-built nets that are lower than knee height. This helps to discourage dangerous high shots, but also makes it more challenging to score.

It does mean that we need a few modifications to the rules:

  • Goalies can’t use their hands.
  • Knees must be kept off the ground. This stops you from blocking the net and making it too hard to score.
  • If the ball goes past the net (into the full size goal), it is out of bounds. Play restarts with a goal kick if off the attacking team, or off the corner dot if off the defending team.

Out of Bounds

The side walls are considered in bounds, so use this to your advantage! However if the ball goes over the side walls, into either the netting or the substitute bench, then it is out of bounds. The other team gets a free kick from where the ball went out.

If the ball goes out over the back wall, then:

  • The attacking team takes their free kick from the dots on either corner of the field.
  • The defending team gets a goal kick

Three-line Pass

If a defending player kicks the ball from their own third of the pitch over to the opposition’s third of the pitch without it landing or touching any players in the middle third of the pitch, then a free kick is given to the other team from the defending team’s one third line.

Sound confusing? Ask one of your teammates to explain, it makes much more sense on the field!

Free Kicks

All free kicks are indirect. If the foul was inside the goal box, then the free kicks for the attacking team are taken from outside the goal box.

Goal Scorers

If you score a goal: well done! Now go and swap out the goalie...


There are no referees so call your own handballs, fouls, and out of bounds. Remember that this is a non-competitive league, so if you disagree with another player's call: keep it to yourself and get on with the game!


Make substitutions on-the-fly, there is no need to wait for a stoppage. When you want to go off, just attract the attention of the person coming on and make the substition. Don’t forget to also swap out the goalie!